Alston Park in Napa, California

Alston Park has plenty of great smells and lots of space to runAlston Park is more than 150 acres of open space on the west side of Napa. It is easy to find water or plastic bags and trash cans. There are smaller fenced-in areas including one for small or shy dogs where the Rascals hang out after their morning walk in the larger open area on top of the hill.

Needless to say it is a very enjoyable place to visit and the Alston Little Rascals look forward to it. There are always wonderful new smells to find and an endless supply of gophers to dig for. The Little Rascals love to meet and socialize with the many other dogs in the park and the people who hang out with them.

Alston Park is the Rascals' home park and we go there all the time. But once in awhile, either for variety or because of muddy conditions, we visit other parks. When we do, we will write a review, post it on the "Ask Maggie" blog and add it to the list here.